Get The Look You Want And Can Keep!
Amplify is a quick, simple & efficient workout training system that is getting women just like YOU in the best shape of their life....
*Workouts can be done at home or a fitness facility with minimal equipment (dumbbells, bands, etc)*
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A Fitness Program That Fits Your Time, Your Life, Your Success!
Social media is cluttered with offers, promises, and out of this world solutions.  Reality is 99% of it is good marketing.  Does good marketing get you long term results?  NO.

How marketing makes you feel does not mean your dreams and goals will happen. What you need is a program that cuts through all the nonsense and confusion delivering you results that are realistic and can be maintained forever.

Many of our stories go something like this....

"THIS IS IT! I'M DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!", you commit yourself.

You start motivated. You are ready to get your body back or the body you want.

Does this sound familiar?

And then....... (record scratches)

You attempt to adjusted your life around an exercise and nutrition program.

The effort you put in feels more difficult than it should be.

Your schedule does not match the personal trainers schedule or you put off your workouts at home.

You have kids activities or your job requires "off the clock" work.  Your schedule is just crazy!

You are in a tug of war between your family life plus daily responsibilities and consistently making it to your workouts.

You begin to believe age or genetics is why you can't have the body you want anymore.

You now begin to lower your goals and standards so you can feel successful and not get frustrated.

But what happens every year happens.... you get frustrated and disappointed.


You are now looking for answers.... magic potions, pills, and crazy diets.
You know the saying, "IT'S A LIFESTYLE CHANGE", all too much.

I will tell you right now.  Repeating the same thing expecting different results has not worked out for you thus far.

This is your moment to take full control.

You will now have DILIGENCE, CONSISTENCY, AND PROPER DIRECTION with the Amplify System.

You can now have the fastest fat loss possible, the strongest you have ever been pain free, and do both while still living your life how you want to live it.

Isn't it crazy out of the hundreds of programs not one has designed a system to fit around YOUR LIFE, YOUR INDIVIDUALIZATION ALL THE TIME.

AMPLIFY is designed to modify to your schedule daily, weekly, and monthly!

AMPLIFY nutrition maximizes results while still keeping your family and daily life normal.

All exercises are simple and are proven to be the best that produce results.  Results are what matter.

Reality is you have a life that is unique. We all have different schedules and responsibilities that we must deal with on a day to day basis.

We have different habits, likes/dislikes, handle stress differently, and have different external support systems.

These facts will never go away.


How do you know Amplify will do all this and more for you?

I made sure to put all the pillars for success into Amplify.... Trust, Honesty, Direction, Education, Support, Individualization, and Balance.
Don't Leave Yet.  I Made This Video Just For You Explaining What Will GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS
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One time payment, no set up fee.
  • Battle Rope Metabolic Workout 
  • Tabata Metabolic Workout
  • Medicine Ball Metabolic Workout
  • Hurricanes Metabolic Workout
  • Plyometric Leg Metabolic Workout
  • Barbell Strength Complex
  • Dumbbell Strength Complex
  • Shoulder Strength Complex
  • Glute Strength Complex
  • Foam Roller Mobility Flow
  • Stretch/Flexibility Flow
  • Mobility/Activation Flow
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Get all 12  Full Length Workout Videos giving you the best of the best coaching on mobility, flexibility, strength training, weight loss, metabolic workouts, leg workouts, and more....
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AMPLIFY Membership
Reoccurring Monthly Payments, no set up fee.
    First Two Months Reduced Down To $28.50
    You get everything in Amplify Express and Way More ....
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    All this for such a low entry price?

    > You get access to the Amplify Membership Site, 

    > Access to bi-weekly live coaching video calls with Warren T Martin,

    > Access to an Amplify members only Facebook Group, 

    > And most importantly get WEEKLY WORKOUTS designed to prevent plateaus and guarantee progress. 

    The Amplify Membership Site will give you access to education module lessons that will give you clarity, understanding, and knowledge to have the body you want in the time you actually have. 

    In other words, you will now have the power of success in your own hands  and that fits into your busy life. 

    When I set out to create this program I wanted to make sure it wasn't one more thing added to your busy life.

    Amplify decreases stress and allows you to direct your energy towards the body you want.
     You will also have access to our premium video library.
    ($3415 value)
    1) Individualized Weekly Workouts ($199/month value)
    You will get workouts that will fit to your schedule every week.  No matter what your schedule is like I have designed your workouts to always give you maximum results.
    I will start you at the right fitness level so you learn, progress, and feel confident at all times.  
    I also have added accountability in your program and I adjust your workouts so you always are moving forward.  I understand your busy life, so individualization is key.
    2) Pain Management & Injury Prevention Modules ($399 value)
    You get individual modules with follow along workouts to help manage your current pain and in many cases eliminate the pain.
    If modules are done for prevention purposes, you will have a lower chance to get injured or decrease chances of the "getting older pains".  
    - Platar Fasciitis, Heel Pains, and Shin Splints
    - Neck Pains
    - Mid and Upper Back Pains
    - Lower Back and Hip Pains
    - Knee Pain
    - Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle Pain
    3) The Metabolic fat burner workouts, strength training follow along workouts, and the flexibility and mobility flows. ($167 Value)
    In these workouts I coach you through the workouts like you are at my gym being trained by me.  
    - You get 6 metabolic fat burner workouts that I have found give the best results.
    - You get 4 strength training workouts that flow from one exercise to the other.
    - You get 3 mobility videos that release knots, lengthen muscles, and activate muscles that have been dormmate preventing full potential results and increasing pain or injury.
    4) Exercise Coaching Videos for all individual body parts. A total of 94 exercises are used in the program. ($267 Value)
    It is important that you understand how to do these exercises the right way.
    I give you coaching like I do for my live one on one clients. 

    The exercises are based off the principle simple is best. It allows the highest level of mastery and growth.  No more exercises for show, you want exercises for results.
    5) Instructional videos….. "how to" videos ($27 value)
    You get 6 instructional videos that show you how to do your rep tempos and the variety of reps and exercises combinations so maximal results can be achieved.
    6) Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls ($99/month value)
    Your bi-weekly coaching calls will be with me, Warren T Martin.  All calls will cover in-depth nutrition lessons, strategies for success, motivation, solutions for life speed bumps, and much more. 
    All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them again or if you are not able to make the call, listen to it when you are available.
    As a bonus I will select a hard working Amplify Member each month to get a FREE one-on-one private coaching call (Value $97) 
    7) Nutrition Coaching and Plans ($67/month value)
    You get detailed nutrition coaching on exactly what you need to do to reach your goals. All myths and fads are no more!
    If you add on the Nutrition Bonus you will get specially designed nutrition templates that will give you further direction and detail.  

    You will know how to eat when you are busy, bored, holidays, on the go, at home, a night out, stressed, motivated, and when not motivated.

    As an added benefit multiple recipes will be available to help you in your nutrition journey.
    8) Secret Facebook Group
    Your daily support system is very important.  I will be there for you daily in the group teaching, guiding, and communicating with you in adding to your success.
    What Bonuses are available?
    • You can get extra special nutrition guidance and help.

    • You will start by getting 8 nutrition templates that will show you how to adjust your eating to your life situations.

    • Each month you will get new content and recipes, increasing your nutrition success.

    • I will add more nutrition templates and more expert level strategies to be successful in your daily eating plans.

    • In addition of being the first weekly customizable online exercise and nutrition program, Amplify also provides a high level exercise programming designed by Warren T Martin, Best Selling Fitness Author with over 20 years' experience and multiple certifications and specializations in fitness, nutrition, and mindset.


    You get a Free Copy of my Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Wellness Code, just in appreciation of joining the Amplify program.
    The Amplify Membership Site Lessons cover a variety of topics. 
    You need CLARITY!

    Some of the basic lessons are how to use the Amplify system to benefit you, How to use the adjustable weekly workouts.

    Some lessons are base education on the science of fitness, weight loss, and health. Other lessons are mindset and busting myths and misconceptions.

    With all this great knowledge you now can be clear in your path and what needs to be done to reach all your goals and beyond. A bonus is you will not be fooled by the mainstream fitness and nutrition world.

    The most important lessons on the Amplify Membership Site will be the one that covers Nutrition and Nutrition Design.

    This is where you will learn everything you need to know to be hugely successful in weight loss, maintaining, or health.

    So click the button below to get started.